+ to break your bad habits
+ fled with all he had
- thunderstorm and hail
+ auburn hair
+ beautiful hair
+ black hair
+ blonde hair
+ brushes her long blonde hair
+ braided hair
- bushy hair
+ made of camel's hair
+ curly hair
+ dark hair
+ golden hair
- gray hair
+ to arrange her hair
+ loosens her hair
+ did up her hair
+ ties up her hair
+ running my hand through her long hair
- losing my hair
+ long hair
+ straight hair
- grabbed me by the hair
+ to comb your hair
+ the highlights in your hair
+ to change the color of your hair
- a receding hairline
+ grew hale
+ my better half
- to saw you all in half
+ raised the sail half-way
+ city hall
+ a colossal hall
+ to love to sing in a concert hall
+ a wedding hall
+ to meet me in the hallway
+ arched hallways
- to come to a halt
+ admits to killing mother with hammer
+ reclining in a hammock
+ to give him a hand
- powerless to lift a hand
+ to need a hand
+ at hand
+ close at hand
+ near at hand
+ five fingers on each hand
- six fingers on each hand
+ a heavy hand
+ to give him a helping hand
+ lending a helping hand
+ to need a helping hand
+ holding a pair of scales in her hand
+ waved her hand
+ covered her mouth with her hand
- slips out of his hand
+ made a pass with his hand
+ hand in hand
+ to go hand in hand
+ to stroll hand in hand
+ to walk hand in hand
+ to take my hand
- gets out of hand
+ on the one hand
+ shading her eyes with one hand
- on the other hand
+ written in her own hand
+ sat down at his right hand
+ sworn by his right hand
+ to sit at my right hand
+ a steady hand
+ holding his bride by the hand
+ to take me by the hand
+ a kiss on the hand
+ swore with uplifted hand
+ to want to hold your hand
+ to crank the handle
+ to turn the handle
- grabbed him by the throat with both hands
- seized him by the throat with both hands
+ clapping hands
+ held hands
+ to kiss her hands
- wrings her hands
- folds his hands
+ wiping the dirt from his hands
+ to spread out his hands
- slipped through his hands
+ tied his hands
+ holding hands
- leaning my chin in my hands
- just slip through our hands
+ to shake hands
+ seized him by the hands
+ to wash their hands
- covered their faces with their hands
+ to clap your hands
+ to reward him handsomely
+ turned handsprings
- killed by hanging
+ anything could happen
+/- does not happen
+ happened exactly as it seemed to happen
- never knows what will happen
+ to wait to see what would happen
+ wanted to see what would happen
+ just as if nothing had happened
- don't know what has happened
+ to finish telling us what has happened
+ amazed by what was happening
+ to stop a tragedy before it happens
+ no matter what happens
+ to see what happens
+ full of joy and happiness
+ to wish her long life and happiness
- to destroy happiness
+ found happiness
- ruined my happiness
+ seeking happiness
+ to bring you happiness
+ all merry, all happy
+ to be happy
+ to die happy
+ to feel happy
+ looks happy
+ made me really, really happy
+ happy in seeing her friends so happy
+ to live long and be very happy
+ to make me so very happy
+ to make you happy
+ to fight harassment
- sexual harassment
- to think long and hard
+/- to blow hard
- listened hard
- shaken really hard
+ working very hard
- toil and hardship
+ to forget all about our troubles and our hardships
+ to guard them from any harm
+ to do nobody any harm
+ to protect me from every harm
+ to do him no further harm
+ to suffer no harm
+ escaped without harm
+ to live together in perfect harmony
+ to play the harp
+ to strike the harp
+ ripe for harvest
+ plows his ground and reaps his harvest
+ to celebrate the feast of harvest
+ to rejoice at the harvest
+ to store the harvest
+ to watch the harvester harvesting
- poor harvests
- in haste
- came in haste
- to flee in haste
- to leave in haste
- speaks in haste
+ to make haste
+ please loan me a hat
+ tipped his hat
+ to put on my hat
+ a peaked hat
+ wore a straw hat
+ took off his straw hat
+ to take off your hat
+ to feel no hate
+ no hatred
+ waved their hats
- proud and haughty
+ to have what I have
+ to hold on to what you have
+ to be content with what you have
+/- haves and have-nots
- to cause havoc
- playing havoc
- to wreck havoc
+ making hay
+ to gather the hay
- to vanish in a haze
+/- he and he
- got an aching head
+ an antlered head
- bald head
- shaves her head
- shook her head
+ nodding his head
+ on the top of his head
- cut off his head
+ raises his head
- scratched his head
- shaved his head
+ stands upon his head
- shot in head
+ a feather pillow for my head
+ in my head
- to shake my head
- had a cold in the head
- to strike him on the head
+ a crest on the top of their head
- to hang down your head
+ to rest your head
+ to lift up your head
- to have a headache
- making my headache
- to fall headlong
- tumbling headlong
+ turns heads
+ takes time to heal
+ to address physical, social, emotional health
+ to return to full health
+ to enjoy good health
+ in good health
+ to improve health
- hazardous to one's health
+ to drink your health
- bad for your health
+ good for your health
- to harm your health
- to wreck your health
+ universal healthcare
+ to remain safe and healthy
+ to stay healthy
+ in heaps
+ delighted to hear
+ according to what I've heard
- heedless of the clear warning that they'd heard
+ to testify at hearing
- my aching heart
- playing with another heart
+ young at heart
+ a great big heart
- a broken heart
+ to mend my broken heart
+ to know it all by heart
+ to learn it by heart
+ to know them by heart
- a cheating heart
+ a cheerful heart
- a cruel heart
+ a discerning heart
- listening with a grieving heart
+ a happy heart
- a heavy heart
+ sings songs to a heavy heart
- with a heavy heart
+ greeted him with a smile in her heart
+ stolen her heart
+ speaks truth from his heart
- hardens his heart
+ said in his heart
+ turned his heart
+ pure in heart
+ an indomitable heart
+ the jocund heart
+ a kind heart
+ has such a kind heart
- to lose heart
+ the merry merry heart
+ to love you with all my heart
- broke my heart
+ captured my heart
+ to forgive my brother from my heart
+ truly seems to gladden my heart
+ gave her my heart
+ in my heart
- to hate my brother in my heart
+ deep in my heart
+ deep down in my heart
- hiding my guilt in my heart
+ thought in my heart
+ to come into my heart
- lost my heart
+ the beating of my heart
+ to mean it from the bottom of my heart
+ to get her out of my heart
+ to take my heart
+ to thrill my heart
- torments my heart
+ touched my heart
+ to unchain my heart
- playing with my heart
+ to live within my heart
+ a new heart
+ to get a new heart
- change of heart
- my old heart
+ an open heart
- shot in the temple or heart
+ to live in each other's heart
- a proud heart
+ a pure heart
- to strike terror to the stoutest heart
+ to take heart
+ looks at the heart
+ straight from the heart
+ to search the heart
- shot through the heart
+ to bring joy to the heart
+ to take it to heart
+ an undaunted heart
+ to bind your heart
+ to follow your heart
+ to take me back in your heart
+ to dwell in your heart
+ to let her into your heart
+ knows your heart
+ to write them on the tablet of your heart
+ to write it on your heart
+ to open up your heart
+ to warm your heart
+ ate heartily
- gazed at each other with sinking hearts
+ in heat
+ to release heat
- to feel the heat
+/- to melt in the heat
+ earth and heaven
+ in heaven
+ stairway to heaven
+ under heaven
- to destroy all life under the heavens
+ a thorn hedge
- pays no heed
+ to take heed
+ jumped so high and clicked his heels
- barren heights
+ reaching new heights
+ scales new heights
+ soaring to new heights
- died without designating an heir
+ to come and help
+ to ask for help
+ answered my call for help
+ called for help
+ to cry out for help
+ pleads for help
+ screamed for help
+ screamed to him for help
+ yelling for help
+ with a little help
+ seeks public's help
+ seeks help
+ to assist the needy and helpless
- felt so helpless
+ to assist the helpless
- feeling mad as a wet hen
+ to measure yourself against her
- failed to amuse her
+ threw his arms around her
+ walks along beside her
+ wants what is best for her
+ sent for her
+ to hug her and kiss her
+ embraced her and kissed her
+/- to look exactly like her
+ wants to marry her
- to speak ill of her
+ to bring me tidings of her
- not wise to oppose her
- raped her
+ stretched out his arms to receive her
- died in giving birth to her
+ to read the letter to her
+ feeling very glad she had some one to listen to her
+ bowed low to her
+ to send a message to her
+ to send another message to her
- made secret visits to her
+ to open your arms to welcome her
+ walked arm in arm with her
+ preferred not to associate with her
+ slept with her
+ to sway with her
+ wept with her
+ bitter herbs
+ to gather herbs
+ flocks and herds
- do not belong here
+ to come here
- ends here
+ not far from here
- not here
+ to send her here
+ to begin the new life here
+/- to look here
+ to come over here
+/- to remain here
- no use standing here
+ to spend the winter here
+ to pay homage to his heritage
+ to maintain their cultural and sociological heritage
+ hailed as a hero
+ a national hero
- the unsung hero
+ to honor heroes
+ in hers
+ dressed herself
- kept none for herself
+ well able to take care of herself
+ yawned and stretched herself
+ laughed to herself
+ talking to herself
+ thought to herself
- still waiting, still hesitating
+ without hesitation
+ back in the spotlight after years on hiatus
+ coming out of hibernation
+ to remain hidden
+ some glaringly obvious, some subtle and hidden
+ to run and hide
+ nothing to hide
+ to have nothing to hide
- no where to hide
+ aims high
+ to hold our banner high
+ to feel high
+ flying high
- to cry on a mountain high
+/- to hit new high
+ to hold my head up high
+ said goodbye with a highball
+ piled higher and higher
+ flying higher
- to push inflation higher
+ Her Highness
+ His Highness
+ Your Highness
- pursuing discharge for chair tossed from high-rise
+ to go down the highway
+ you hike
+ to oppose tuition hikes
+ to go hiking
+ climbed a hill
+ rode up a hill
+ walking up a hill
- a steep hill
+ rode down the hill
+ went down the hill
+ on top of the hill
+ built a city on the hill
+ to get over the hill
+ roamed from dale to dale and from hill to hill
- as old as the hills
+ fled to the hills
- knew nothing about him
- to spread a bad report about him
- never heard nothing but bad things about him
+ never said a bad word about him
+ to find no basis for a charge against him
- uttering threats against him
+ gathered around him
+ to sit around him
+ sorry I became angry at him
- laughed at him
- imagined that he was laughing at him
- stared and stared at him
+ to chase after him
+ to look after him
+/- flocked around him
+ locked the door behind him
+ to shut the door behind him
+ to sit by him
+ petted and comforted him
+ did not like to contradict him
- to flog him
- answered for him
+ went looking for him
+ to give up our own room for him
+ searched and searched for him
+ to feel sorry for him
+ felt so sorry for him
+ truly sorry for him
+ to wait for him
- to look away from him
- runs away from him
+ to stay away from him
+ received the letter from him
- to take money from him
+ to steal the show from him
- to live a long way from him
+ found no fault in him
- no truth in him
+ holding up the boy to kiss him
+ went out to meet him
- to refuse to obey him
+/- wondering what would become of him
+ fond of him
- had a low opinion of him
+ to go in search of him
- heaping abuse on him
+ counting heavily on him
- to mock him and spit on him
- to spit on him
- to play a trick on him
+ keeping a closer watch on him
+ sat opposite him
+ kept watch over him
+ came to the door to receive him
+ making a deep bow to him
+ found none equal to him
+ seeing nothing unusual happen to him
+ to make myself known to him
+ to send a letter to him
+ wrote a letter to him
+ to send clear message to him
+ to give money to him
+ to take my hat off to him
+ to try hard to be reconciled to him
+ to express sympathy to him
- done something terrible to him
+ to offer tribute to him
+ went up to him
- woe to him
- never said a word to him
- spoke a harsh word to him
+ speaks a kind word to him
+ to listen carefully in order to understand him
- fixed his eyes upon him
+ loves his father while disagreeing with him
+/- eloped with him
+ shook hands with him
+ to share a house with him
+ to make peace with him
+ eyes better relations with him
+ to share the stage with him
+ to weep with him
+/- not going to be able to live without him
+ amused himself
+ in a class by himself
- drowned himself
+ to struggle to free himself
- hanged himself
+ takes pride in himself
- ate not a mouthful himself
+ spreads an umbrella over himself
+ gets every chance to prove himself
+ relieved himself
+ saying to himself
+ quite pleased with himself
+ to pen new cookbook offering up some helpful and healthy hints
+ to swing your hips
- to plan fewer hirings
+ to recount their life histories
+ black history
+ celebrating history
+ a family history
+/- in history
+ to go down in history
+ rich in history
+ a long history
+ has a long history
+/- to make history
+ in modern history
+ in recorded history
+ throughout history
+ sure to be a hit
- to take a big hit
+ a smash hit
+ made it into a top ten hit
- to play hoaxes
+ minor hockey
+ bringing you all the love your heart can hold
+ has certainly taken hold
+ strengthened their hold
+ to expand holdings
+ bored a hole
+ to burn a hole
+ digs a hole
+ fixing a hole
+ to plug a hole
+ a gopher hole
- an ozone hole
+ a rabbit hole
+ a water hole
+ to declare a holiday
+ a national holiday
+ to light up holiday
- a big hollow
+ bowed their heads in respectful homage
+ to find a home
+ to secure a home
+ almost home
+ at home
+ to make me feel at home
+ right here at home
- to sit at home
- to stay at home
+/- left them at home
+ to consider yourself at home
+ to make yourself at home
+ back home
+ to come back home
+ fled back home
+ to go back home
+ to hurry back home
+ will be home
+ raising money to send body home
+ to come home
+ a dream home
+ a family home
+ left for home
+/- away from home
- far away from home
- to run away from home
- far from home
+/- to work from home
+ a funeral home
+ to get home
- don't know how to get home
+ to show me the way to go home
+ to head home
+ walked her home
+ passed away peacefully at his home
+ to hurry home
- found dead in home
- to invade home
+ to take it home
- never allowed to leave home
+ leaves home
+ no place like home
+ to march home
+ comes marching home
+ to carry me home
+ to lead me home
- never home
- had no home
+ a private home
+ reached home
+ to return home
+ to run home
+ seeks home
+ to find a short-cut home
+ go home, stay home
+ the heart of the home
- strangled in their home
+ sent them home
+ wishing you a happy voyage home
+ voyages home
+ walked home
+ on my way home
+ to find their way home
+ went home
+ to take you home
+ meets in your home
+ longing for my homeland
+ to plan charity event to help homeless
- flooded homes
+ living home with her parents on the old homestead
+ to be honest
- pretended to be honest
+ deals honestly
+ as congenial as flies and honey
+ to eat honey
+ to gather honey
+ a taste of honey
+ sweeter than honey
+ to give him praise and honor
+ to enjoy long life, wealth, and honor
+ to her honor
+ named it in his honor
+ to defend my honor
- to destroy my honor
+ to bestow on you a title of honor
+ to set up a monument in his own honor
+ receives prestigious honor
+ treated with special honor
- lost your honor
+ pursuing power and honors
+ wins top honors
+ a split hoof
+ off the hook
+ a hula hoop
- filled with false hope
- looking in vain for light, for hope
+ to live in hope
- to lose hope
+ offers hope
+ to seek hope
- utterly hopeless
+ high hopes
+ got high hopes
+ to have high hopes
- broken all my hopes
+ revived my hopes
+ full of hopes
+ rises above the horizon
+ on the horizon
+ expanding horizons
+ blows his horn
+ tooting his horn
+ to blow the ram horns
+ to cast a horoscope
+ to read your horoscope
- filled with fear and horror
- to shudder with great horror
- to shudder with horror
- trembling with horror
- a house of horrors
+ stout as a horse
+ to ride on a horse
+ a black horse
+ a fast horse
+ puts spurs to his horse
+ sets spurs to his horse
+ a live horse
+ a miniature horse
+ a proud horse
+ to get off the horse
+ to saddle the horse
+ on horseback
+ riding on horseback
+ race horses
+ real horses
- wild horses
+ sprays a hose
+ a field hospital
+ to raise funds for kids in hospital
- taken to hospital
+ to thank them for their hospitality
+ said goodbye to his host
+ to drink to the health and happiness of their dearly beloved hostess
+/- friendly or hostile
- feeling hot
+/- grew hot
+ hotter than hot
+ gets hotter and hotter
- scratching like a hound
+ a hunting hound
+ hour after hour
- leaving his house at such an unseemly hour
- leaving the house at such an unusual hour
+ to listen for hours and hours
- his final hours
- to talk on the telephone for hours
+ happy hours
- laughed away the hours
+ to buy a big house
+ clears her dead father's house
+ sits in his house
+ lives across the road from my house
+ to get out of my house
+ to see value in neat house
+ built a new house
+ an open house
- a rebellious house
+ to come in the house
+ to inspect the house
+ to run out of the house
+/- surrounded the house
+ meets at their house
+ a tree house
+ the whole house
- to shut yourself inside your house
+ to build houses
- tore down houses
+ seized drugs, handguns after raid on four houses
+ rows of houses
+ toy houses
+ doing housework
+ did all the housework
+ to do the cooking and the housework
- but how?
+ gave each other a hug
- rice hulls
- his surly hum
+ in humanity
- to faint from hunger
+ to satisfy his hunger
- to feel hungry
- to get hungry
+ trophy hunting
+ went hunting
+ to jump a hurdle
+ to clear hurdle
- to face hurdles
- in a hurry
- in such a hurry
+ not in any hurry
- in a great hurry
+ no hurry
- to get hurt
+ survived by her husband
- divorces her husband
+ respects her husband
- unfaithful to her husband
+ lived with her husband
+ the lawful husband
+ a sylvan hut
- you hypocrites