+ to walk or run 5K or 10K
+ to twang the rhythm out in his kazoo
+ for us to keep
+ knowing what to keep
+ to restore to her keeping
- quick in the making and slow in the keeping
+ in your keeping
+ to think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs
+ promises made, promises kept
+ to swing kettlebells
+ to clean the pots and kettles
+ copper kettles
+ a golden key
- to sing out of key
- sings off key
+ to turn the key
+ locks and keys
+ free admission for kids
- overprotected kids
- tells court he was ordered to kill
- to honor killing
+ admitted killings
+ gentle and kind
+ to treat her kind
+ the only one of its kind
- not my kind
- to burn like kindling
+ often speak of you kindly
- showed us unusual kindness
+ to thank you for your kindness
- becomes a crime kingpin
+ to blow a kiss
+ hug a hug, kiss a kiss
+ to seal it with a kiss
+ sealed with a kiss
+ to kiss and kiss and kiss
+ one kiss
+ that thrilling kiss
+ covered her face with kisses
+ in the kitchen
+ purrs like a kitten
+ dropped to her knees
+ bends his knees
- doubled up and tucked his head between his knees
+ to go down on his knees
+ fell on his knees
+ sits on his knees
- begging on my knees
+ down on my knees
+ to cut off their tails with a knife
+ sharpens his knife
+ forks and knives
- flashing knives
+ to cut off the shoots with pruning knives
- to hone their knives
- tied them in a hard knot
+ made a running knot
+ to tie the knot
+ we all know
+ as we all know
- don't know
- I don't know
- I know, I don't know
+ I know
- I don't know, I know
+ now I know
- to forget what I know
+ as we now know
+ in the know
- keen to know what I'm not supposed to know
+ to want you to know
+ so far as we know
+ you know
+ as you know
+ to enjoy the mystery of not knowing
+ common knowledge
- to hate knowledge
+ to lead to new knowledge
+ seeking knowledge
+ to share knowledge
- forgets everything he has ever known
- little known
- not precisely known
+ became well known
+ widely known
+ not yet known
+/- everybody knows
- heaven knows
+/- nobody knows
- no one knows
- who knows