keen little eyes +
keen mind, a +
keen to know what I'm not supposed to know -
keep a tight rein +
keep aging at bay +
keep anger in check +
keep away -
keep believing +
keep coming back +/-
keep cool +
keep focus on the future +
keep going and going and going +
keep her in safe confinement +
keep him busy +
keep him busy enough +
keep him company +
keep in a dry and dark place +
keep inventing new things +
keep it a secret until after you've died +
keep it alive +
keep it brief +
keep it from jamming +
keep it personal +
keep it simple +
keep it to yourself +
keep me informed about your circumstances +
keep me out of trouble +
keep me waiting -
keep my eyes wide open all the time +
keep nothing back from you +
keep on and on +/-
keep opponents under pressure +
keep playing where you shouldn't be playing -
keep quiet +
keep secrets +
keep taunting me -
keep the love-light glowing +
keep the love-light glowing in your eyes +
keep them coming back for more +
keep them forever young +
keep them in check +
keep them safe, keep them warm +
keep tossing in my sleep at night -
keep up your courage +
keep us in suspense +
keep us safe +
keep us together +
keep vigil +
keep waiting -
keep women out of the club -
keep your eyes open +
keep your eyes wide +
keep your hands on the wheel +
keep your mind on your driving +
keep your mouth shut and don't answer back +
keep your secret +
keep your temper +
keep your vows +
keeping a closer watch on him +
keeping up the family tradition +
keeping us all in suspense +
keeps a secret +
keeps fans guessing +
keeps her passion secret +
keeps himself under control +
keeps his balance +
keeps his intentions secret +
keeps his promise +
keeps his word +
keeps on rolling +/-
keeps score +
keeps the words +
kept a genealogical record +
kept a safe distance from the fire +
kept burning +/-
kept busy +
kept circling around and around +
kept coming back time after time +
kept him in prison +
kept moving from place to place -
kept my mouth shut +
kept none for herself -
kept on coming +
kept on record +
kept on talking until midnight +
kept silent +
kept still and listened +
kept the promise you made +
kept their expectations with reasonable limits +
kept watch over him +
key concern, a +
key issues +
key markets +
key to recovery +
kick against the pricks +
kicked it up a notch +
kicking the can all over the place -
kidnapped at gunpoint
kill the thrills -
kill them all -
killed by cross-border fire -
killed by hanging -
killed by lightning -
killed by loose wheel -
killed by police -
killed her farewell -
killed him on the spot -
killed him to cover up their robbery -
killed his whole family -
killed in a gunfight -
killed in blast -
killed in collision -
killed in combat -
killed in crash -
killed in fuel tanker explosion -
killed in helicopter crash -
killed in hit and run -
killed in murder suicide -
killed in nightclub attack -
killed in plane crash -
killed in single-vehicle crash -
killed in the fighting -
killed in the line of duty -
killed instantly -
killed instantly by collapsing structures -
killing each other for such petty causes -
kills 6, and injures scores -
kills 7 children and injures dozens -
kind by nature +
kind heart, a +
kind one, a +
kindhearted woman, a +
kindle a fire +
kiss and kiss and kiss +
kiss each other +
kiss her hands +
kiss her on the face +
kiss me sweet, kiss me long +
kiss on the hand, a +
kiss openly +
kiss secretly -
kiss your lips +
kissed her goodbye +
kissed her on the forehead +
kissed the ground +
kisses his cheek +
kisses them on the cheek +
kissing you +
kitchen design +
kitchen table, a +
knead the dough +
knee injury, a -
knee replacement +
kneel down to pray +
knelt to pray +
knew all about it +
knew all the ways in and out +
knew no bounds +
knew not which way to turn -
knew nothing about him -
knew that there was something wrong -
knew their thoughts +
knew what he did was wrong +
knew what they were thinking +
knife attack, a -
knighted by the queen in England +
knit a sweater +
knits his brow -
knock me down -
knock three times +
knock twice +
knocked down in bar fight -
knocked him flat upon the ground +
knocked him to the ground +
knocked on the door +
knocking at the door +
know a little bit of everything +
know at a glance +
know better than I do +
know each other very well +
know for certain +
know her fame +
know her well +
know how happy I can be +
know how much work I have done +
know how you feel +
know I love you +
know it all by heart +
know little of the world -
know my sheep +
know my way +
know no shame -
know nothing, understand nothing -
know nothing about it -
know relatively little -
know so well +
know that you still care for me +
know the reason why +
know the risks +
know the truth +
know them by heart +
know this is all your doing +/-
know what to do +
know what you're thinking about +
know where you are +
know which way to go +
know you, know your name +
know you by name +
know your name +
know your surroundings +
know your weak spots +
know yourself +
knowing it's so wrong -
knowing what to keep +
knowing what to throw away +
knowing when to hold them +
knowing when to run +
knowing when to walk away +
known for ages +
known for many a long year +
known him for a long time +
known or unknown +
known since antiquity +
knows no borders +
knows nothing +/-
knows she is pregnant +
knows the future +
knows the way +
knows what you need +
knows your heart +