+ nutrition labels
- child labor
+ in labor
- pain like that of a woman in labor
+ went into labor
+ providing labor
+ without lack
+ to ascend the social ladder
+ to climb the ladder
+ climbed up the ladder
+ dear ladies
- a big-bosomed lady
+ a fine lady
+ a graceful lady
+ a beautiful and intelligent lady
+ a lovely lady
+ a wise lady
- died after crash into lake
+ to take a walk by the lake
+ to go over to the other side of the lake
+ a little lamb
- weeping and lamenting
+ the brown land
+ clearing land
- a dry and desert land
- a dry land
+ on dry land
+ fallow land
+ a good land
- the inaccessible land
+ an acre of land
+ hectares of land
+ parcels of land
+ plots of land
+ a strip of land
+ tracts of land
+ on land
+ to spend most of its time in water rather than on land
+ to walk on land
- a parched land
+ to plow land
+ soon deep in slumber land
+ to buy the land
- to destroy the land
+ to enter the land
+ to explore the land
+ to farm the land
- saw dense smoke rising from the land
- to leave the land
+ the four corners of the land
+ to cover the face of the land
+ to live on the fat of the land
- to take possession of the land
+ to move on the land
- to pollute the land
+ to possess the land
- to strip the land
- to lay waste the land
+ to sell their land
+ to proclaim liberty throughout the land
- undeveloped land
+ the whole land
+ at the landfill
- piling up in landfills
+ coming in search of you from remote and far distant lands
+ to live on the farm lands
+ to toss up my heart to see where it lands
+ to seek new lands
+ to till the lands
- to jostle and jolt the surrounding landscape
+ transforms the landscape
+ to trail along lovers' lane
+ to walk down lovers' lane
+ memory lane
+ primrose lane
- to grow in the lane
+ strolling through the shady lanes
+ to live in a foreign culture with different traditions and language
- a difficult language
+/- hybrid language
+ in layman's language
+ mother language
+ speaks my language
+ native language
+ speaks his native language
+ to speak same language
+ the universal language
- vulgar language
+ able to talk your language
+ to speak many other languages
- lean and lanky
+ sat on her lap
+ puts him to sleep on her lap
+/- got larger and larger
+ gay as a lark
+ at last
+ came at last
+ free at last
+ here at last
+ found it at last
+ said at last
+ came to a stop at last
+ to have you at last
+ to save the best for last
- breathed his last
+ to remain grateful to you for so long as my life shall last
+ from first to last
+ to enjoy it while it lasts
- getting late
- will be a little late
+ soon or late
+ don't stay out late
- receives late
- to come so late
- to sit up so late
- too late
+ almost too late
- already too late
- finishes more than a year late
+ a little later
+ sooner or later
+ seconds later
+ sooner rather than later
+ comes sooner rather than later
+ a short time later
+ some time later
+ a week later
+ years later
+ at the latest
+ to share a laugh
+ to hear her laugh
+ to make me laugh
+ talking and laughing
- to go crazy or die laughing
+ burst out laughing
- restrains his laughter
+ to bring me laughter
- no more laughter
+ full of laughter
+ burst into a peal of laughter
+ bursting with laughter
+ to explode with laughter
+ to fill my heart with laughter
+ volcanic lava
- churning out volcanic lava
- to defy law
+ signed into law
- to overturn law
- against the law
- breaking the law
+ to lay down the law
+ to follow the law
+ to obey the law
- to violate the law
- free and lawless
+ the dewy lawn
+ made laws
+ made the laws
+ to drop lawsuit
- badly distorts the facts in lawsuit
+ to settle lawsuit
+ withdraws lawsuit
+ settled by lawsuits
- hearing charges against prominent lawyer
+ to protect ozone layer
+ a chocolate layer-cake
- yawning lazily
- sank like lead
+ in the lead
+ takes the lead
+ to choose a leader
- a deposed leader
+ strong leadership
- stood trembling like a leaf
- to shrivel up like a leaf
+ turning over a new leaf
+ to push for own league
- gas leak
- charged in gas leak
- the house leaks
+ to listen and learn
+ to live and learn
+ to play and learn
- never learn
+ when will they learn
- slow to learn
- rote learning
+ agrees to extend lease
+/- on a leash
+ at least
+ not injured in the least
+ not in the least
+ to say the least
+ at the very least
+ made of leather
+ takes his leave
+ on shore leave
+ broad leaves
- dead leaves
- dry leaves
- fallen leaves
- the falling leaves
+ the rustling of the leaves
+ verdant leaves
+ obliged to bow to the right and left
- wept when I left
+ to save whatever is left
- no room left
+ to go to the left
- breaks his leg
- lame leg
+ hairy legs
- crossing his legs
+ her long legs
+ remembering a music legend
+ ginger lei
+ wearing leis
+ at leisure
+ to read at leisure
+ to read it at her leisure
- having a little leisure
+ to sip their lemonade
- at length
- fell at full length
+ couldn't care less
+ costs less
+ drink less
+ neither more nor less
- more or less
+ doing more with less
+ to teach you a lesson
+ learned a hard lesson
+ having learned my lesson
+ learned the lesson
+ gave me language lessons
+ life lessons
+ private lessons
+ swimming lessons
+ room to let
- potentially lethal
+ to write me a letter
+ a personal letter
+ a short letter
+ sealed the letter
+ to write the letter
- an unsealed letter
+ in neat raised letters
+ takes his game to another level
+ to take thing to a whole new level
+ above sea level
- to rise in sea level
- wrong on so many levels
+ to find point of leverage
- proved to be a liar
+ to spot a liar
+ to set at liberty
- loss of libido
+ to require business license
- loses license
- to force me to invent a lie
- just a lie
- to live a lie
- told a lie
- to mislead you with a lie
+ do not lie
+ do not intend to lie
+ to realize there are promises and lies
- all tricks and lies
- empty lies
- telling me lies
- full of lies
+ to catch him telling lies
+ white lies
- to destroy all life
+ dear to me as light and life
+ led back to a better life
+ in all the days of his born life
+ a busy life
+ led a happy and carefree life
+ changed life
+ city life
+ preferred country to city life
+ lived a contented life
- led a double life
+ free and easy life
- to find a portion for eternal life
+ once in every life
+ farm life
+ to find life
- blind for life
+ good for life
- imprisoned for life
- lamed for life
- to take life for life
+ to choose a single mate for life
+ to search for life
+ to take all the joy from life
+ a long and fruitful life
+ to live a good life
+ staying there for the rest of her life
+ had been a sailor all his life
- ends his life
- costs him his life
+ warning him that any further attempt to cry out would cost him his life
+ a great day in his life
+ considered his nursing years the greatest privilege of his life
- ruins his life
- to take his life
- plotted to take his life
+ later in life
+ to enjoy long life
+ to love life
- to worry about my life
- smoked all my life
+/- to look back at my life
- intending to end my life
- to try to end my life
- to set a trap for my life
+/- never in my life
+ never been in one in my life
+ came into my life
+ walked into my life
- left my life
- never heard in all the days of my life
- never heard of them or seen one in all the days of my life
- never heard such a word in all the days of my life
+ on the ladder of my life
+ in the prime of my life
+ for the rest of my life
+ the best years of my life
+ to save my life
- to take my life
- to seek to take my life
+ to bring feeling to my life
+ to write my life
+ to live a new life
+ to start a new life
- to love the night life
+ in the circle of life
+ searching for evidence of life
+ to get the feel of life
+ to recall the lull of life
+ a moment of life
+ a part of life
+/- to enjoy the pleasures of life
- dies in the prime of life
- tired of life
+ becoming a way of life
- took away our way of life
+ to reflect on life
+ given only one life
+ to give meaning to our life
- taken her own life
+ values his own life
+ willing to lead a quiet life
+ in real life
+ can have a second life
- street life
+ to support life
+ sustains life
+ living a thoughtful life
+ one love through life
+ to come back to life
+ brought to life
- clings to life
+ to come to life
- led an unconventional life
- an unhappy life
- to loathe my very life
- to destroy your life
+ fighting for your life
- at the end of your life
+ to add years to your life
+ to value your life
+ to have longer lifespan
+/- to extend your lifespan
+ to last for a lifetime
+ once in a lifetime
+ lasts a lifetime
+ ultimately recognized in her lifetime
+ has worked enough in his lifetime
- done a lot of hard work in his lifetime
+ asked me for a light
+ a bright light
+ just visible in the dim light
+ a feeble light
+ gentle as the morning light
+ to dance until the morning light
- could only have you till morning light
- flashes of light
+ to shed light
+ a particularly pleasing creamy soft light
+ as white as the light
- blinded by the light
+ to light the light
+ to put out the light
+ to turn out the light
+ to see the light
+ to shine the light
+ white light
+ to take it lightly
- made promises lightly
+ never made promises lightly
- thunder and lightning
+ rapid as lightning
- killed by lightning
+ the forked lightning
- darts like lightning
- a flash of lightning
+ city lights
- flashing lights
+ neon lights
+ northern lights
+ glowing northern lights
- to run red lights
+ soft lights
+ to dim all the lights
+ to blink the lights
+ traffic lights
+ to get what I like
+ and the like
+ to say what they like
+ to eat whatever they like
+ if you like
+ to do what you like
+ to discuss whatever you say, whatever you like
+ to do whatever you like
+ to come whenever you like
+ to go wherever you like
+ most likely
- not likely
- not very likely
+ did likewise
+ so much to his liking
+ the heart-shaped leaves of lilacs
+ white as a lily
- in limbo
- remains in limbo
+ being in the limelight
+ reached its height limit
- pushed to the limit
+ a time limit
+ remained limited
+ kept their expectations with reasonable limits
+ pushing the limits
+ to ride in limousines
- crossing the boundary line
+ to preserve our family line
- walks a fine line
- hitting gas line
+ to march in line
+ a plumb line
- poverty line
+ a power line
+ standing in the line
+ to go to the lake and throw out your line
- stepped out from his lines
+ picket lines
+ standing in serried lines
+/- no waiting lines
+ earning spot into opening night lineup
+ do not linger
+ seeking missing links
+ as bold as a lion
- a roaring lion
- prowls around like a roaring lion
- ranging like a roaring lion
+ rescued me from the mouth of the lion
- bites his lip
+ to zip your lip
- garrulous lips
+ to seal my lips
+ the pretty red lips
+ rosy lips
+ to kiss your lips
+ to make a list
- a long list
+ to cross you off my list
- on the naughty list
+ a shopping list
+ a short list
+ to take my name off the list
+ a wish list
- to fail to listen
- to refuse to listen
- unwilling to listen
+ we listen
+ kept still and listened
- no one listens
+ to make lists
+ the sow's litter
- to eat a little
+ might help a little
- to limp a little
- ate little
+ little by little
- to know relatively little
- worth little
+ as long as I live
- not fit to live
- better for me to die than to live
+ to teach me the right way to live
- living dissolute, corrupt lives
+ he lives
+ to live long lives
+ to have nine lives
- a land where no one lives
+ to fight for our lives
+ to defend their own lives
- prying into other peoples' lives
+ saves lives
- living separate lives
+ to protect their lives
- led uneventful lives
+ to run for your lives
+ made shelters for his livestock
+ to raise livestock
+ earning a living
+ to work for a living
+ to intend soon to abandon this idle life that I am living
+ makes his living
+ to earn an honest living
+ standard of living
- squandered his wealth in wild living
+ worth living
+ to hide yourself away like a lizard
- crawling lizards
+ to carry a load
- a heavy load
+ sharing our load
+ to require a pledge for a loan
- to cancel the loan
+ to buy local
+ strategically located
+ to turn the lock
+ to open locks
+ to leap like a locust
- to multiply like locusts
- a swarm of locusts
+ a sweat lodge
+ asked for a lodging
+ sleeping soundly as a log
+ slept like a log
+ sat on a log
+ splits logs
- sad and lonely
- feeling sad and lonely
- looked sad and lonely
- feeling lonely
- feeling so lonely
- so lonesome
+ won't be long
+ before long
+ all day long
- cries the whole day long
+/- for long
+ won't be gone long
+ no matter how long
+ a whole life long
+ to live long
- not likely to live long
+ kiss me sweet, kiss me long
+ to love me long
+ all night long
+/- to stay awake all night long
- to sleep long
- so long
- waited far too long
- to stay here too long
- never last for very long
+ to last very long
- waits long
+ all week long
+ all year long
+ to stay just a little bit longer
+ to last longer
+ just wait a little longer
+ to try to persuade him not to delay a moment longer
- to wait no longer
+ stayed away from him a while longer
+ to have a look
+ worth a look
+ well worth another look
+ a cheerful look
+ took a close look
+ a closer look
+ to take a closer look
- don't you give me no dirty look
+ to blend existing features with new pieces for a high-end look
+ a new look
+ to take a second look
+ to deserve a serious look
- giving him a severe look
- wore a troubled look
- did not dare to look
- to behave one way in church on Sundays but another way when no one is looking
- loved me for my looks
- mad as a loon
- silly as a loon
+ to jump out of the loop
- exploiting a legal loophole
+ struggled to break loose
- to seize loot
+/- to win or lose
- ended the war with a compromise with no winners or losers
+ high highs and low lows in loss
- to suffer loss
- to suffer big losses
- suffered heavy losses
- all lost
- to become lost
- to feel lost
- getting lost
+ was thought long lost
+ to care a lot
- to eat a lot
+ to sell a lot
+ to love you a lot
+ to decide by lot
+ distributed by lot
+ accepts his lot
+ quite satisfied with my lot
+ be content with your lot
+ to put on lotions
+ casts lots
+ divided them impartially by drawing lots
- vacant lots
+ to win lottery
+/- laughed loud
+ to sing it loud
+ laughing out loud
+ to sing out loud
- fast asleep and snoring loud
- neighed loudly
- wailing loudly
+ to find a love
+ to overcome by love
- careless love
+ chasing love
+ my first love
- to go berserk for love
+ looking for love
+ no greater love
+ declared his love
- to hurry love
+ in love
- lost in love
+ been so in love
+ united in love
- my last love
- to lose love
+ to make love
+ motherly love
+ my love
+ to find my love
+ asked me for my love
+ a new love
+ found a new love
+ full of love
+ that spark of love
+ lighting the spark of love
+ one heart, one love
+ my one and only love
+ sweet love
+ true love
+ to find your true love
+ unfailing love
+ with love
+ filled with love
+ to fill my heart with love
- living without love
- lost your love
+ charmed by her grace, elegance, and loveliness
+ looked lovely
+ a music lover
+ disciplines those he loves
+ to give me some loving
+ to need your loving
- sinks to all-time low
+ to turn the lights low
+ little high, little low
- felt so low
- to sink lower and lower
+/- to play it low-key
+ faithfully and loyally
+ to help him with undivided loyalty
- bad luck
- to bring bad luck
- had the bad luck
+ by luck
+ brought them good luck
+ to wish me luck
- out of luck
+ twice lucky
+ to sing a lullaby
+ softer than a lullaby
+ whispering a lullaby
+ the tempest lulls
- you lunatic
+ to eat lunch
+ time for lunch
+ out to lunch
- convicted of child luring
- arousing his lust
- inflamed with lust
- losing their luster
- cheered lustily
+ to live in luxury
+ to live a life of luxury
+ to offer some luxury
+ performed with many sets of lyrics
+ rewrote the lyrics
+ wrote the lyrics