+ to fasten it with hammer and nails
- biting nails
+ trims her nails
- long nails
+ polishing my nails
- to race naked
- stripped naked
- to swim naked
+ to learn objects by name
+ to know you by name
+ a generic name
+ a good name
+ got a good name
+ to ask her name
+ called him by his name
- didn't want to leave his name
+ a household name
+ lives up to its name
+ heard you call my name
+ to mention my name
- to have no son to carry on the memory of my name
+ to sign my name
+ pen name
+ resurrects name
- a stupid name
- forgot your name
+ to know you, know your name
+ to know your name
+ to remember your name
+ named fancy names
- calling me names
+ to name names
- nasty names
+ do not remember their names
+ to take a nap
+ to have a little nap
+ to make you into a great nation
- a rebellious nation
+ a strong nation
+ the pride of the nation
- wandered from nation to nation
+ the whole nation
+ a Chinese national
- hated by all nations
+ to gather you from all the nations
+ to gather all the nations
- to scatter you among the nations
+ to proclaim peace to the nations
+ to act naturally
- a coward by nature
+ inspired by nature
+ kind by nature
+ a peaceful man by nature
- wild by nature
+ in nature
- to occur relatively rarely in nature
+ Mother Nature
+ to answer the call of nature
- at the mercy of nature
- contrary to nature
+ in the navy
+ comes from far and near
+/- draws near
+ built nearby
+/- nearer and nearer
+/- draw nearer
- eventually driven to near-extinction
+ clean and neat
+ both desirable and necessary
+ equipped themselves with what they considered necessary
+ if necessary
- broken neck
+ threw his arms around her neck
+ wore a gold chain around his neck
+ hung it around his neck
- breaks his neck
+ tied a bib round his neck
+ blew a shrill note upon a silver whistle that hung around his neck
- to wring its head from its neck
- seized me by the neck
- a pain in the neck
+ wore a pearl necklace
+ to drink nectar
+ flower nectar
+ spreading pollen from flower to flower as it seeks nectar
+ in great need
+ I need
+ in need
+ to share with those in need
+ to fetch them out in case of need
+ helps them in times of need
+ meets our need
+ knows what you need
+ tighter laws needed
+ the eye of a needle
+ pins and needles
+ to care for her needs
+ to take care of his needs
+ supplied my own needs
- does nothing about his physical needs
+ supplied all their needs
+ to give him what he truly needs
+ to meet all your needs
+ to satisfy your needs
+ to help the poor and needy
+ to defend the rights of the poor and needy
- to oppress the poor and needy
+ to help the weak and needy
- malicious and nefarious
- charged with animal neglect
- feels neglected
+ to agree to resume negotiations
- to hate your neighbor
+ met a new girl in the neighborhood
- shunned even by their neighbors
+ to quiet your nerves
- starting to get nervous
- made me nervous
- stirring up a hornet's nest
- stirs up its nest
+ to sit on their nests
- caught in a net
+ to spread a net
+ mending the nets
+ connected by network
+ maintained their neutrality
+ never never
+/- now or never
+ as good as new
+ relatively new
- to leave me for somebody new
+ found someone new
+ newer than new
+ the old and the new
+ to make room for the new
+ out with the old, in with the new
+ to offer a helping hand to newcomers
+ much newer
- bad news
- fake news
+ good news
+ to hear news
+ splendid news
+ overjoyed at the news
+ to read the news
+ to spread the news
+ delighted with the news
+ in newspapers
+ a stack of newspapers
+ to read print newspapers
- did not know what to do next
- began to wonder what was going to happen to her next
- no word from him the next day, nor the next, nor the next
+ my turn next
+ teaching the world to be nice
+ to look nice
+ to treat me nice
+ so nice
+ getting eight hours of sleep a night
+ night after night
+ dancing all night
- drinking all night
+ day and night
- unwilling to stay another night
+ at night
- cold at night
+ to dream at night
+ fled at night
+ not to eat too much late at night
+ to stop staying out late at night
- can't sleep at night
- to keep tossing in my sleep at night
- weeps at night
+ by night
+ on a clear night
- a cold, cold night
- on a cold, cold night
+ a fabulous night
- supposed to be a fun night
+ bade her good night
+ last night
+ late last night
- in the night, in the lonely night
+ a moonlit night
- to walk the street at this time of night
+ one night
+ on the very same night
+ to dance on a Saturday night
+ a silent night
+ a special night
+ a starry night
+ during the night
+ to lay down for the night
+ to stay for the night
+ to snatch him away in the night
+ to fly in the night
+ trying to get away into the night
+ in the middle of the night
+ in the still of the night
+ to pass the night
+ to find somewhere to stay the night
+ danced through the night
+ to sleep through the night
- walked through the night
+ throughout the night
- to sell your body to the night
+ worked hard from morning till night
- long as a winter night
+ at nightfall
+ waiting for nightfall
- thinking he was in the middle of a nightmare
+ those Friday nights
- lonely nights
- lonesome nights
- sleepless nights
+ reflects on 2019
- has died at age ninety
- dead at ninety
- dies at ninety
- oh no
- to have a hard time saying no
+ to harm nobody
+ second to nobody
+ to make some noise
- too noisy
- living like a nomad
- found none
+ second to none
+ will proceed nonetheless
+/- sense and nonsense
- to talk nonsense
+ to stop all that nonsense
- to step inside my shady nook
+ at noon
+ will soon return to normal
+ from South and North
+ flew due north
+ far north
+ to navigate by sensing the direction of magnetic north
+ in the north
+ up north
- an aquiline nose
- a curved nose
- a flat nose
+ blowing his nose
+ rubbing his nose
+ to hold my nose
- a pug nose
- a red red nose
- a sharp nose
+ a very shiny nose
- a turned-up nose
- to put a clothes-pin on your nose
+ to pinch your nose
- airline industry nosedives
+ to make things appear to be what they are not
- certainly not
- of course not
+ to fear not
- to flee not
- if not
+ to forget me not
- if he loves me not
+ whether we knew it or not
+ to like it or not
+/- whether you like it or not
- probably not
- to see them not
- I think not
+ to weep not
+ why not?
+ and why not?
+ most notably
+ kicked it up a notch
+ to move up a notch
+ to whistle a note
+ to sing it note for note
+ to take note
+ to hit the wrong note
+ hitting high notes
- achieved nothing
- be nothing
- caught nothing
- to do nothing
- to feel nothing
- good for nothing
- taken all this trouble for nothing
- to gain nothing
+/- knows nothing
+ lack nothing
- means nothing
- to create something out of nothing
+ worries over nothing
- possessed nothing
- said nothing
- to see nothing
+ to make something nothing
+ better than nothing
+ always better than nothing
- to come to nothing
- next to nothing
- to know nothing, to understand nothing
- to leave us nothing
- starting with nothing
+ to owe you nothing
- until further notice
- closed until further notice
- a queer notion
- underfed and badly nourished
+ to pen her first novel
+ to seek novelty
+ to act now
+ here and now
- to give it up here and now
+/- then and now
+ no worse off than you are now
+ by now
+ closer now
+ to feel comfortable now
+ any day now
+ even now
+ for now
- to put off for now
+ remains open for now
+ many years from now
- quite unwilling to go now
+ just now
+/- not now
+ right now
+ up to now
+ all together now
+ from now until then and from then until now
+ to wish I could be with you now
- going nowhere
+/- to increase in number
+ a lucky number
+ don't lose that number
+ took her vows as a nun
+ an army nurse
+ worked as an army nurse