+ to prepare a table
+ at table
+ went to sit at table
+ sat at the dinner table
+ sets her table
+ a kitchen table
+ sat down at a long table
+ given the seat of honor at one end of the long table
+ to eat at my table
+ gathered around the table
+ at the table
+ reclining at the table
+ sitting at the table
+ rose from the table
+ sat himself at the head of the table
+ sat at the head of the table
+ invited him to take the head of the table
+ rolled off the table
+ stacked his chips on the table
- overturned the table
+ sitting round the table
+ to bring joy to the table
+ to join their table
+ a writing tablet
- strictly taboo
+ tackles taboos
+ another delay tactic
+ adopted cat-and-mouse tactics
+ worth the price tag
+ combed his mane and tail
- a fat tail
+ wags its tail
+ a pony tail
+ a peacock with spread tail
+ a game of give and take
- more than I can take
+ ready for takeoff
+ ready to takeoff
- to tell a similar tale
+ a strange tale
+ to tell tale
+ a true tale
+ an old wives' tale
+ full of talent
+ a rising talent
+ a man of many talents
+ fairy tales
- idle talk
+ pillow talk
+ heard some talk
- talked and talked
- had no more breath for talking
+ started talking
- eating his soup while talking
+ money talks
- secret talks
+ strong and tall
- over nine feet tall
+ over six feet tall
+ takes two to tango
+ shooting at a target
+ to reach target
+ setting up the targets
- to call for harsh tariffs
+ to levy tariffs
+/- raises tariffs
+ don't tarry
+ can't be too great a task
- a daunting task
- facing difficult task
- no easy task
- no simple task
+ to resolve to undertake the task
- a tricky task
+ common tasks
- in bad taste
+ chooses a companion to her taste
+ a matter of taste
+ sweet to your taste
- in tatters
- left in tatters
- to owe tax
- to owe $173M in back taxes
+ collecting taxes
+ to freeze taxes
- to hike taxes
+ imposing taxes
+ to pay taxes
- bovine TB
+ coffee and tea
+ ginger tea
+ green tea
+ having tea
+ a cup of tea
+ a cold cup of tea
+ one cup of tea
+ red tea
+ serving tea
+ sipping tea
- weak tea
+ a trusted teacher
- makes vulgar comment about team
+ a rejuvenated team
- shed a bitter tear
+/- laughter and tears
+ to wipe away tears
- to weep bitter tears
- crocodile tears
- brushed away her tears
- in tears
- burst into tears
- shedding many tears
- brought me tears
+ to hide my tears
- full of tears
- appeared to be on the verge of tears
- to shed tears
- to shed some tears
+ holding back the tears
- can't hide the tears
- to mingle my drink with tears
- to blind my eyes with tears
- to overflow with tears
- to restrain your tears
+ to smile through your tears
+ to sign a deal for new technology
+ still in my teens
+ back teeth
+ false teeth
- broken my front teeth
- like a dog baring his teeth
- gnashing its teeth
- to lose my teeth
+ sharp teeth
- bared their teeth
+ to sharpen their teeth
+ lovely white teeth
- showed two great rows of sharp white teeth
+/- wisdom teeth
+ cable television
+ first appeared in television
+ on television
+ aired on television
+ premiered on television
+ can tell
+ I can tell
+ as far as I can tell
- no one can tell
- nobody can tell
- cannot tell
- I cannot tell
- can't tell
- hard to tell
- not an easy story to tell
- differs with each telling
+ a tale worth telling
+ controlled his temper
- to lose my temper
+ to keep your temper
+ to stay liquid at room temperature
+ always stored at room temperature
- to lose their tempers
+ in the temple
+ to resist the temptation
- unable to resist the temptation
- very tempting
+ a perfect ten
+ caressing it tenderly
+ played tennis
+ to calm political tensions
- tightens its belt amid growing global and trade tensions
- raises trade tensions
+ pitched his tent
+ extends term
+ a relative term
+ on equal terms
- tastes terrible
+ charts new territory
- an uncharted territory
+/- to enter uncharted territory
- in uncharted territory
- an unfamiliar territory
+ the whole territory
+ a heroic tale of courage amid terror
- to live in constant terror
- fled in terror
- to flee at the sound of terror
- sudden terror
- to strike him with terror
- to go mad with terror
+ ruled out terrorism
- bans him for positive cocaine test
- fails drug test
+ to pass first test
+ a road test
+ a stress test
- to fail the test
+ to stand the test
+ to put him to the test
+ to put to the test
+ constantly being tested
+ to call heaven and earth to testify
- blocks testimony
- to give false testimony
+ admits lying in testimony
+ to hear the testimony
+ crash testing
+ filled with joy and thankfulness
+ to give thanks
+ gives him her thanks
+ expressed their thanks
+ can't be any doubt about that
+/- on top of all that
- would not have been that
+/- did that
+ do not do that
+ to have already done that
+ to trade this for that
+ glad to hear that
+ just like that
- not so sure of that
+/- not only that
+ don't say that
+ to stop that
+ more than that
- bike theft
+ to identify theft
+ sat among them
+ imitated the nations around them
+ stood behind them
- to erect a barrier between them
+ divided his property between them
+ to divide the spoils between them
+ to set traps to catch them
+ do not fail them
+ said a kind word for them
+ to hide my face from them
- nothing to guide them
+ signaled their partners to come and help them
+ knowing when to hold them
+ to have faith in them
- planned to kill them
+ to spare a few of them
- bellowed out curse after curse on them
- not strong enough to resist them
+ to stop them
- hardly knowing what had happened to them
+ calling out to them
- to look the same to them
- woe to them
+ repeated these words to them
+/- to associate with them
- to find fault with them
+ made a treaty of peace with them
+ to spend more time with them
- to break your treaty with them
+ to spend a week with them
+ discussed it among themselves
- masked their faces and disguised themselves
+ to speak loud in order to hear themselves
+ to turn their cameras around to take pictures of themselves
- cannot even save themselves
+ after then
+ and then
+ now and then
+ every now and then
- ended his life there and then
+ back then
+ to forward then
+ since then
+ till then
+ no stranger to them
+ until then
+ need you now, need you then
+ in theory
+ here and there
- to run around here and there
- to run here and there
- to rush here and there
- scattered here and there
+ twisting here and there
+ to be there
+ been there
+ spent many days there
- stumbling here and falling there
+ from there
+ to shake a little here, shake a little there
+ spent the night there
- not there
+ now here, now there
+ here or there
+ out there
+ over there
- not quite safe there
+ saw her standing there
+ to spend a year there
+ soon thereafter
+ occurred soon thereafter
+ relatively soon thereafter
+ hid in caves and thickets
+ to catch the thief
+ don't really mean a thing
- can't read a thing
- never heard of such a thing
+ not necessary a bad thing
+ not a bad thing
+ a beautiful thing
+ a delightful thing
- to do such a dreadful thing
+ a fine thing
- done a foolish thing
- done a very foolish thing
+ sometimes be a good thing
- not entirely a good thing
+ never have too much of a good thing
- a hard thing
+ one more thing
+ a new thing
+ for one thing
+ a personal thing
- poor thing
+ a queer thing
+ to look just like the real thing
+ pointless to use the real thing
+ a remarkable thing
+ to trust my heart to do the right thing
+ doing the right thing
- saying the same thing
+/- comes to the same thing
+ a sexy thing
+ a simple thing
+ a sure thing
+/- looks like it's a sure thing
+ a wonderful thing
+ my favorite things
- does foolish things
+ to share all good things
+ to do great things
- to criticize little things
- silly little things
+ eating live things
- to suffer many things
+ to keep inventing new things
- stupid things
+ suspecting things
+ did many wonderful things
+ to turn my eyes away from worthless things
+ I think
+/- more than you think
+ turned out well, better perhaps than you think
- ended up the opposite of what you think
+ knew what they were thinking
- finished a distant third
- died of hunger and thirst
+ to quench my thirst
- to suffer thirst
- hungry and thirsty
- tired and thirsty
+ just consider this
- don't know who has done this
+ on hearing this
+ goes like this
+ to stake my life on this
+/- said this
- thorns and thistles
- to produce thorns and thistles
- to tear my flesh with thorns
+ guarded with thorns
+ held on a thoroughfare
+ to investigate it thoroughly
+ never mind though
+ engaged in deep thought
+ without further thought
+ found a good thought
+ remained deep in thought
+ engaged in thought
- lost in thought
+ sunk in thought
- more harmful than once thought
- without giving his situation a second thought
- without a second thought
- seemed thoughtful
+ carefully and thoughtfully
+ happy thoughts
- lost in his thoughts
+ reveals some more of his thoughts
+ reveals his thoughts
+ deep in thoughts
+ on second thoughts
+ knew their thoughts
+ to fix your thoughts
+ to pose little threat
+ hears no threat
- under threat
- made death threats
- repeated his threats
+ spared criminal record for fabricating online threats
- receives threats
+ stepped over the threshold
+ to have some thrills
- to kill the thrills
+ not only surviving but thriving
+ clearing his throat
- to put a knife to his throat
- stuck in my throat
- seized her by the throat
- absurd through and through
- pierced his heart through and through
+ thrills me through and through
+ to read it through
+ to see it through
+ to dance the whole night through
+ the singing thrush
+ a rule of thumb
+ as a rule of thumb
- to get a blister on your thumb
+ to hear her footstep, thump, thump
+ tired of thumping and being thumped
- rolling like thunder
+ clap of thunder
- the rolling of thunder
- the rumbling of the thunder
+ parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
+ an one-way ticket
- a speeding ticket
- lost your ticket
+ to show your ticket
+ advance tickets
- the ebbing tide
+ the evening tide
+ the rising tide
+ watching the tide
- to drift with the tide
+ the ceaseless tides
+ clean and tidy
+ shirt and tie
+ to wear a red bow tie
+ to straighten my tie
+ a white tie
+ to loosen up your tie
- to cut ties
+ family ties
+ living easy without family ties
+ twist ties
+ zip ties
- a white tiger
+ hold me close, hold me tight
+ to hold me tight
+ to hold on tight
+ sleep close, sleep tight
+ to sleep tight
+ a beautiful lady in pink tights
+ after a time
+ to give birth to a single child at a time
+ one at a time
- lost many a time
+ once on a time
+ to set a time
+ in so short a time
+/- time after time
+ kept coming back time after time
+ to race against time
+ at the appointed time
+ to turn back time
+ bed time
+ coffee break time
- long past breakfast time
+ a certain time
- a difficult time
+ to offer assistance at difficult time
+ in due time
+ works every time
+ family time
+ to enjoy family time
+ the first time
+ for the first time
+ saw him for the first time
+ in love for the first time
+ to remember the first time
+/- repeated again and again what he'd said the first time
+ to have a good time
+ harvest time
+ at harvest time
+ high time
+ in his time
+ going back in time
+ to look back in time
+ a moment frozen in time
+ just in time
+ to give it time
+ merely a snapshot in time
+ avoids jail time
- gets jail time
- sentenced to jail time
+ for a very limited time
+ making me feel depressed for a long, long time
+ known him for a long time
- wept for a long time
+ lasts a long time
- waiting for such a long time
+ taking time to make time
+ had a merry time
+/- one more time
+ to ask you one more time
+ done my time
+ next time
+ waiting for the night time
- no money, no time
+ in no time
+ lost no time
+ ahead of time
+ in the course of time
+ changed in the course of time
+ to love you till the end of time
+ to save a lot of time
- spent a lot of time
+ just a matter of time
+ only a matter of time
+ in the nick of time
- running out of time
- slightly out of time
+ precisely reckon the passing of time
+ to have plenty of time
- a waste of time
+ on time
- not paying bills on time
+ right on time
+ at one time
- no other time
+ the grand challenge of our time
+ over time
+/- changed over time
+ marched very stiffly but in perfect time
- wasted my precious time
+ at the present time
+ at the proper time
+ quality time
+ quiet time
+ in real time
+ to come at the right time
+ at the same time
+ saves time
+ screen time
+ worth watching for a second time
+ to warn him a second time
+ to go over it a second time
- with you for only a short time
+/- lasts only a short time
+/- in a very short time
+ after some time
+/- for some time
- staring at him for some time
+ to have been thinking for some time
+ at supper time
+/- all the time
+/- happens all the time
+ to keep my eyes wide open all the time
+ to love you all the time
- ignored by many at the time
- to pass away the time
+ by the time
+ to count the time
- don't have the time
+ to help pass the time
- to serve the time
+ to volunteer their time
+ called him a third time
+ not this time
+ from time to time
+ cuts his hair from time to time
+ never waste time
- wasting time
+ the whole time
+ to have the most wonderful time
- to come at the wrong time
+ to thank you for your time
+ to take your time
+ appropriate and timely
+ at all times
+ at times
+ good times
- cheated multiple times
+ old times
+ talking over old times
+ at other times
+ present times
+ lived through some sad times
+ sneezed several times
+ to knock three times
+ repeats three times
+ making the most of tight times
- in tough times
+ to get creative in tough times
+ to continue to grow in tough times
+ to merge in response to tough times
- in the troubled times
+/- wait times
+ to encourage the timid
- asked timidly
+ fields of clover and timothy
+ gold, silver, bronze, iron, tin
+ baked to a lovely brown tint
+ to offer tips
+ to seek tips
+ to share shopping tips
+ sharing some tips
- inched their way along on tiptoe
- sick and tired
- feeling tired
- gets tired
- gets tiresome
+ to collect tithes
+ defends title
+ ready to defend her title
+ received the most prestigious title
+ if I had to
+ back to the land you long to return to
+ to have somebody to talk to
+ up to
+ still active today
+ alive today
- to remain controversial today
- returned so early today
+ even today
+ in existence today
+ with no relevance for today
+ still operational today
+ still preserved today
+ to remain relevant today
- so sad today
+ still seen today
+ still with us today
+ even in use today
+ to love you today
- stared at him from head to toe
+ all together
+ to bind it all together
+ ate together
- to run away together
+ back together
+ to band together
+ to bathe together
+ been together
+ to rejoice and celebrate together
+ to cuddle close together
+ to coalesce together
+ to come together
+ to take counsel together
+ to spend the day together
+ sat at dinner together
+ done together
+ ate and drank together
+ fled together
+ to gather together
+ to get together
+ happy together
+ to say it together
+ to group similar items together
+ joined together
+ linked together
+ hooked and linked together
+ to live together
+ met together
+ sewed them neatly together
- walked off together
+ brought people together
+ to draw a crowd of people together
+ to piece together
+ work together, play together
+ to rejoice together
+ to put a scheme together
- to sit together
- removed the network of plant roots that holds the soil together
+ to stand together
+ to stay together
+ to stick together
+ to paste them together
+ pushed them together
+ to travel together
+ two together
+ to chain us together
+ to keep us together
+ to walk together
+ welded together
- did not get along well together
+ wept together
+ to work together
- cannot be conducted without guts, sweat, and toil
+ finds satisfaction in all his toil
- no end to his toil
- to believe everything they are told
+ to do as you are told
+ to set a tombstone
- to boast about tomorrow
+ thinking about tomorrow
- to worry about tomorrow
+ day after tomorrow
+ to see a bright tomorrow
+ by tomorrow
+ to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow
- here today, gone tomorrow
- don't know what will happen tomorrow
+ to come to me tomorrow
- no tomorrow
- never thinking of tomorrow
+ today or tomorrow
- won't live to see tomorrow
+/- to put it off till tomorrow
+ to love you tomorrow
- replied in a careless tone
- said in a frightened tone
+ to strike an optimistic tone
+ said in a pitying tone
- uttered all in the same tone
- in a surly tone
+ cried in a triumphant tone
- a deceitful tongue
- a flattering tongue
+ speaks in foreign tongue
+ hides it under his tongue
- licking his lips with his tongue
+ licks my face with its tongue
- a lying tongue
- took away our native tongue
+ to tame the tongue
+ to guard your mouth and your tongue
+ to hold your tongue
+ to put a brake on your tongue
+ to stick out your tongue
+ going out with her tonight
+ to be mine tonight
+ to come out tonight
+/- me too
+ to love me too
+/- you too
+ a valuable tool
+ to make tools
- a bad tooth
- got a toothache
+ on the mountain top
+ enjoying view from the top
+ over the top
+ swift rise to the top
+ rises to the top
+ a hot topic
- turned out topsy-turvy
+ blazing like a torch
+ a blazing torch
+ to light the torch
+ passing the torch
+ carrying torches
+ flaming torches
+ lit the torches
- in torment
- an overflowing torrent
- a rushing torrent
- confessing under torture
+ agreed to keep in touch
+ that magic touch
- out of touch
+ a tender touch
+ ready to get tough
- looks rather tough
+ a farewell tour
+ a walking tour
+ a world tour
+ announces tournament
+ to see the tournament
+ dried himself with the soft towels
+ to build a tower
+ the lofty and dazzling tower
+ an ivory tower
+ a strong tower
+ lived in a town
+ in a certain town
- a ghost town
+ back in town
+ went to his own town
+ grew up in a seaside resort town
- completely burn the town
+ to enter the town
+ went into the town
+ in the middle of the town
- came out of the town
+/- the talk of the town
+ drove through the town
+ coming to town
+ to travel around from town to town
+ to roam from town to town
+ went from town to town
+ the whole town
+ rebuilt towns
- highly toxic
+ not a toy
+/- a sex toy
+ a stuffed toy
+ to play toys
- disappeared without a trace
- lost without a trace
- vanished without a trace
+ to find some beaten track
+ back on track
+ to get back on track
+ staying on track
+ ready to roar on the race track
+ walking along the railroad track
+ on the right track
- to jump the track
+ to gain traction
+ picking up traction
- dishonest trade
+ fur trade
+ no ordinary trade
+ brought usual odds and ends from home to trade
+ to promote trades
- an insider trading
+ became a tradition
+/- to break the tradition
+ keeping up the family tradition
+ observed many other traditions
+ followed their traditions
+ to take an alternate route and avoid the traffic
+ breaks silence after tragedy
- a historic tragedy
- ends in tragedy
+ to take a trip in a trailer
+ gowned in white satin dresses with long trails
+ to take a train
+ to take the bullet train
+ the eastbound train
+ a high-speed train
+ to take the last train
+ a night train
+ the northbound train
- plotted to derail passenger train
+ a railroad train
+ to step down from the train
+ took a trip on the train
+ strict training
+ goes into strict training
- missing trains
- in a trance
+ in peace and tranquility
+ enjoying the remainder of your life in peace and tranquility
+ to find tranquility
+ to take important steps toward major transformation
+ making an extempore translation
+ made a good, faithful translation
- lost in translation
+ seeks public works transparency
- human head transplant
- caught in a trap
+/- to set a trap
- lured to a deadly trap
- snares and traps
+ collected trash
+ a group travel
+ space travel
+ feeling safe to travel
- a land where no one travels
+ running on a treadmill
- guilty of treason
+ to hunt for hidden treasure
+ to recover the hidden treasure
+ turning trash into treasure
+ to search for the treasure
+ to dig up the treasure
+ a timeless treasure
+ to go Dutch treat
+ seeks treatment
+ to need no special treatment
+ beauty treatments
- still die of diseases that could often have been prevented or cured with treatments
+ made a treaty
+ signed the treaty
+ to climb a tree
+ swings his ax to fell a tree
+ felled a tree
- hung on a tree
- to hang you on a tree
+ ties his horse by the reins to a tree
+ to sit under a tree
- as helpless as a kitten up a tree
+ to shake apples off an apple tree
+ to sit under the apple tree
+ a blooming tree
+ flourishing like a green tree
+ always as unyielding as an oak tree
+ that old oak tree
+ the tall oak tree
+ a tall, shady tree
+ to chop down the tree
- to cut down the tree
- to hit the tree
+ the root of the tree
+ waiting in the shade of the tree
+ lay down under the tree
+ to rest under the tree
+ sitting under the tree
+ a walnut tree
+ the wishing tree
- dead trees
+ evergreen and deciduous trees
- fallen trees
+ shade and fruit trees
+ palm trees
+ tall trees
+ playing checkers by the trees
+ to pull apples from the trees
+ to sing in the trees
+ tropical trees
- uprooted trees
+ to carve in the tree-trunk
- makes me tremble
- my legs trembled
- terrified and trembling
+ to dig the trenches
- to beat me publicly without a trial
+ to have a fair trial
- unfit for trial
+ eager to witness the great trial
+ to stand my trial
+ granted new trial
+/- on trial
+ cleared of son's death in second trial
- to stand trial
+ assessed for fitness to stand trial
- unfit to stand trial
+ shows promise in trials
+ to pay a tribute
+ in a trice
+ a magic trick
- a sleight-of-hand trick
+ to learn the trick
+ without any deceit and trickery
- playing tricks
+ to avoid personal-care products containing triclosan
+ good at everything he tried
+ pulled the trigger
+ the bugle trills
+ nice and trim
+ to take a trip
- to cancel trip
+ a field trip
+ a night trip
+ to plan trip
+ made the round trip
+ a sightseeing trip
+ motor trips
+ in triumph
+ to return in triumph
+ to shout in triumph
- petty and trivial
+ don't worry about trivialities
+ to pay no heed to trivialities
+ blowing on the slide trombone
+ won the trophy
- toil and trouble
+ to save me a lot of worry and trouble
- bladder trouble
- to borrow trouble
- double trouble
- looking for trouble
+ to protect me from trouble
- in trouble
+ helping those in trouble
- falls into trouble
- to get into trouble
- ran into trouble
- to make trouble
+ to forget all my trouble
- to get you in a whole lot of trouble
+ to keep me out of trouble
+ to watch for signs of trouble
+ to reserve for times of trouble
- in times of trouble
+ to save yourself some trouble
- sows trouble
+ eases the trouble
- to stir up trouble
+ to throw away your trouble
- deeply troubled
- looked troubled
- to face many troubles
+ to forget our troubles
+ to sail through our troubles
+ to go and rescue you from all your troubles
+ to agree on a truce
+ a flag of truce
+ good and true
+ tried and true
- too good to be true
+ proved to be true
- not exactly true
+/- can't believe it's true
+ to love me true
- not true
+ proved true
+ quite true
+ loves you so true
+ very true
- to assure you really and truly
+ to love you truly
+ blew a trumpet
+ blows the trumpet
+ hears the sound of the trumpet
+ blew three blasts on the trumpet
+ to sound the trumpet
+ to build trust
- guilty of breach of trust
- lack of trust
+ to build on trust
+ to look for truth
+ to speak the honest truth
+ to tell you the honest truth
+ in truth
+ the naked truth
+ nothing but the truth
+ to tell nothing but the truth
- to deny the truth
+ to discover the truth
+ no reason to doubt the truth
+ to face the truth
+ fighting for the truth
- very far from the truth
+ to know the truth
+ to seek the truth
+ to speak the truth
+ tested to see if he is telling the truth
+ to tell you the truth
+ the whole truth
+ to give me the whole truth
+ to take all the falsehoods for truths
+ to give it a try
+ to give me a try
+ worth a try
+ to give our love another try
- wouldn't dare try
+ to give it just one more try
+ so much to learn, so much to try
+ relaxing in the tub
+ to play the tuba
- to get a tumble
- causing great tumult
+ to croon a tune
+ fiddles a tune
+ to sing you a tune
+ played my favorite tune
+ humming our favorite tune
+ a happy tune
+ to whistle a happy tune
+ a hula tune
+ in tune
+ singing in tune
+ to hum a merry tune
+ played a merry tune
- to sing out of tune
+ playing a sentimental tune
+ singing you a slumber tune
+ recorded the tune
+ sang the tune
+ whistled cheerful tunes
+ to dig the tunnel
+ an underground tunnel
+ to cut up the turkey
- in turmoil
- thrown into turmoil
+ in turn
+ to wait its turn
+/- to explore political left turn
- knew not which way to turn
- to take a wrong turn
+ your turn
- running out of time for turnaround
- twists and turns
+ to row by turns
+ waiting for turns
+ to take turns
+ color TV
+ to knock twice
+ already asked you once or twice
+ told them twice
+ to think twice
- had to ask you twice
+ at twilight
- disappeared in a twinkling
+ to take another twist
+ do not twist
+ walked two by two
- five foot two
+/- to cut in two
- broke my heart in two
+ had a drink or two
+ to raise a glass or two
+ to tell a joke or two
+ after a minute or two
- no more conversation for a minute or two
- outdated as the typewriter