+ raising minimum wage
+ to earn wages
+ to pay us very good wages
+ on wages
- holds back the wages
+ worth a year's wages
+ an open wagon
- to weep and wail
- coyotes wail
- weeping and wailing
- to mourn with bitter wailing
- to hear wailing
+ to girdle the belt around his waist
+ to strip to the waist
+ to sit and wait
+ can hardly wait
+ now or wait
+ worth the wait
+ no need to wait
+ must not keep her waiting
- to keep waiting
- to keep me waiting
- mourning at a wake
+ to go for a walk
+ went out for a walk
+ to take a walk
- cannot walk
- falls to death from cliff during walk
+ a pleasant walk
- penalized for participating in planned walkout
+ standing by a wall
+ surrounded by a wall
+ stood firm like a wall
+ to climb over a wall
+ a border wall
+ a high wall
+ a solid stone wall
+ climbed down the wall
- fell off the wall
+ paintings on the wall
+ a picture on the wall
+ sitting on the wall
+/- writing on the wall
+ to rebuild the wall
+ repaired the wall
- to dig through the wall
- turned his face to the wall
+ a thick wall
+ a wooden wall
+ climbing the walls
+ I want
- living in want
+ to say what you want
- fickle and wanton
+ to give him what he wants
- at war
- a civil war
- torn apart by civil war
- to declare war
- a drug war
+ to prepare for war
+ trained for war
+ rest from war
+ had rest from war
- a great war
- a guerrilla war
- in war
+ a just war
+ no war
- prisoners of war
- to hear of war and rumors of war
- the violence of war
+ to make weapons of war
- a price war
+ after the war
- declared missing in action during the war
+ fights in the war
- lost the war
+ won the war
- a trade war
- to wage war
- cyber warfare
+ to induce them to join in his proposed warfare
+ nice and warm
+ just to keep warm
- not warm
+ to keep them safe, keep them warm
+ embraced them warmly
+ received us warmly
- inadequate advance warning
- lack of significant advance warning
- paid no attention to her warning
+ to take warning
+ to give them warning
- without warning
+ five-year warranty
- rumors of wars
- turf wars
+ to pause to ponder loss, sacrifice of soldiers in wartime
+ to be wary
+ as brave as everybody says he was
+ the same as it was
- the opposite of what I thought it was
- don't know what it was
+ to show himself as he really was
- the worst thing was
- somewhat faded with many washings
- laid waste
- nuclear waste
+ to reduce waste
- a salt waste
+ to go to waste
+ no time to waste
- to become a desolate wasteland
+ stands watching
+ built a watchtower
+ supplied them with food and water
- to become as weak as water
- bitter water
+ boiling water
+ bubbling water
+ clean water
- to lack clean water
+ to dwell in deep water
+ to go out to draw water
+ to drink water
+ drinking water
+ to look for water
+ thirsty for water
+ fresh water
+ discovered a well of fresh water
+ holy water
- in hot water
+ iced water
+ to melt away like salt in water
+ melting away like sugar in water
+ to lap water
- no water
+ a hot glass of water
+ a pot of water
- to drink poisoned water
+ pumping water
- salt water
+ to dwell in shallow water
- resembled fish in shallow water
+ surface water
+ sweet water
+ to wade in the water
- to fell into the water
+ dived head first into the water
+ tumbled heels over head into the water
+ jumped into the water
+ to camp near the water
+ floated slowly down stream with the current of the water
+ floated on the surface of the water
+ to throw nets on the water
+ to bathe with water
+/- diluted with water
+ rinsed with water
+ to wash them with water
- choppy waters
+ deep waters
- muddy waters
+ to use echolocation to communicate, find prey and navigate in dark or murky waters
+ quiet waters
- raging waters
- rising waters
- the roar of rushing waters
+ to wade in the shallow waters
+ hovering over the waters
+ to test the waters
+ to pass through the waters
- turbulent waters
+/- first wave
- heat wave
+/- second wave
+ to catch the wave
+ to ride the wave
+ battered by waves
+ makes huge waves
+ making waves
+ rolling waves
+ the motion of the waves
+ the tossing waves
+ the wheat fields waving
- ear wax
+ to remove ear wax
- melt like wax
- turned to wax
+ find a way
+ to put it another way
+ to find a better way
+ to come in an easy way
- no easy way
- half way
- performed in a lukewarm and halfhearted way
- to get there the hard way
+ went on his way
+ to make way
- distant as the Milky Way
+ to come my way
+/- going my way
+/- did it my way
+ to know my way
+ to get out of my way
- viewing the world in a negative way
+ to find a new way
- no way
- no other way
+ to go down the other way
+ to go the other way
+ to enquire our way
- surely lost our way
+/- went his own way
+ to have your own way
+ all going to try their very hardest to help her in every possible way
+ to feel the same way
+ in a similar way
+ laughing all the way
+ marching all the way
+ to cheer you all the way
+ to guide you all the way
+ to lead you all the way
+ to love you all the way
+ along the way
+ by the way
+ clearing the way
+ knows the way
+ led the way
+ to light the way
+ show me the way
+ to remove the obstacles out of the way
+ on the way
- lost it on the way
+ to pave the way
+ to point the way
+ to bar their way
- to plunder everything that comes their way
- lost their way
+ continued on their way
- did so in an underhand way
+/- comes your way
+ to teach me your way
- just go on your way
- to go on your way
+ to give careful thought to your way
+ in many ways
+ to show me your ways
- feel weak
- to grow weak
+ to help the weak
- grew weaker and weaker
- showed my weakness
- discovered our weakness
- exposed many weaknesses
+ to accumulate wealth
+ to build wealth
+ has great wealth
- gained power by his wealth
+ to increase in wealth
+ to scorn wealth
+ to share the wealth
- to become very wealthy
- to prepare his deadly weapons
+ designing new weapons
+ made large numbers of weapons
+ wondering what clothes to wear
- sad and weary
- to grow tired and weary
- grew weary
+ to cheer the weary
- atrocious weather
- bad weather
- chilly weather
+ clear weather
- extreme weather
+ fair weather
- inclement weather
+ through all kinds of weather
- stormy weather
+ discussing the weather
- spins a web
- a spider's web
+ on the day of his wedding
+ at the wedding
+ invited to the wedding
+ pulling weeds
+ digging the weeds
- covered with weeds
- a bad week
+ on the first day of every week
- to look for a place to weep
- to make you weep
- low birth weight
+/- to gain weight
+/- to lose weight
+ to manage weight
+/- to shed weight
+ accurate weights
+ to lift weights
+ to give us a welcome
+ always welcome
+ always be welcome
+ gave her a glad welcome
+ most heartily welcome
+ gave them all a hearty welcome
+ received a hearty welcome
+ to give her welcome
+ to give them a proper welcome
+ more than welcome
+ very welcome
+ a warm welcome
+ gave her a warm welcome
+ on welfare
+ well, well, well!
+ to dig a well
+ felt fit and well
+ just as well
+ to serve their country well
+ a deep well
+ to manage his own family well
- not feeling well
+ to get well
+ wants to get well
+ going well
+ know her well
+ to remember it well
+ to hear well, to live well
+ to play well
- a polluted well
+ pretty well
+ to sleep well
+ to know so well
+ loved so well
+ very well
+ to know each other very well
+ the wishing well
+ to fare you well
+ to reward you well
+ to wish you well
+ for our protection and well-being
+ to watch over my well-being
+ a holistic approach to wellness
+ to clean up inactive oil and gas wells
+ the days came and the days went
- don't know which way they went
- wept and wept
- forgotten who they themselves were
- to find out how wrong we were
+ the meeting place of the East and West
- all soaking wet
- to become slippery when wet
+/- no matter what
- so what!
+ none whatsoever
- to have no merit or value whatsoever
+/- goes round and round like a wheel
- killed by loose wheel
+ spun it with the distaff and the wheel
+ to keep your hands on the wheel
+ a wooden horse on wheels
- don't know when
+ to tell me when
- don't know where
- carrying them they knew not where
- could not make out which was which
+ after a while
+ at least for a while
+ to forget about life for a while
+ pondered for a while
+ to smile for a while
+ to stop for a while
+ thought for a while
+ once in a while
+ every once in a while
+ to linger a while
+ to sit a while
+ to stop a while
+ to talk a while
+ to enjoy them a while
+ just wait a while
- speechless for a good while
+ a little while
+ after a little while
+ appears for a little while
+ in a little while
- to suffer a little while
- a long, long while
- a long while
+ sits a long while
+ all the while
- to wail and whine
- heard her wail and whining
- to lash them with a whip
- cracked his whip
- scourged him with whips
+ in a whirl
+ to give it a whirl
+ to ask him in a whisper
+ to blow the whistle
+ black and white
+ in black and white
+ dressed in white
+ to cover it with whitewash
+ to guess who
+ as a whole
+ made whole
+ to make me whole
+ on the whole
- why, why, why
- where and when and why?
- don't know why
+ to tell me why
+ to know the reason why
+ to wonder why
+ no use to sit and wonder why
- a smoldering wick
+ to snuff out the smoldering wick
- cruel and wicked
- smiled wickedly
+ spreads his fame far and wide
+ to spread far and wide
+ wandered far and wide
+ to open the door wide
+ to keep your eyes wide
+ circulated widely
- yawning so widely
- varied widely
- a black widow
+ to look after orphans and widows
+ choose a wife
+ finds a wife
+ gets a wife
+ takes a wife
- an adulterous wife
+ husband and wife
- to bid farewell to beloved wife
- a disgraceful wife
+ met his future wife
+ survived by his wife
- divorces his wife
+ loves his wife
- suspects his wife
+ the lawful wife
+ a lovely wife
+ a prudent wife
- a quarrelsome wife
- a very sickly wife
- a wayward wife
+ the lawful wedded wife
- feeling wild
- goes wild
+ letting their imaginations run wild
- to run wild
- reduced to extinction in the wild
+ to live in the wild
- barren wilderness
- in the wilderness
- to talk wildly
+ at will
+ to roam at will
+ I will
- to turn out the opposite of how I believe it will
- against my will
- much against my will
+ to write down my will
+ to make my will
+ to do what you will
+ will do willingly
+ most willingly
+ to accept it most willingly
- weeping like a willow
- an old weeping willow
+ to turn losing situation into a big win
+ claims narrow win
+ to earn third straight win
+ a surprise win
+ to enter to win
+ hoping to win
+ to find ways to win
+ to score early in tough win
+ you win
- wafted away like smoke before wind
- the desert wind
+ a favorable wind
+ assisted by a favorable wind
+ a gentle wind
- to blow ill wind
- howled like the north wind
- a gust of wind
- chasing after the wind
- running against the wind
- swept away by the wind
+ to catch the wind
- in the wind
- blowing in the wind
- trembling like a leaf in the wind
+ racing in the wind
+ to ride the wind
+ swifter than the wind
+ hoisted the foresail to the wind
- gone with the wind
+ racing with the wind
- the wayward wind
+ looked down from a window
+ watched from a window
+ looked out of a window
+ to escape through a window
+ car window
- to crash through store's front window
+ to find her at her window
+ washing the dishes by the kitchen window
+ saw you from my window
+ shop window
+ looked up at the window
+ sitting at the window
+ standing by the window
+ rolled down the window
+ threw it out of the window
+ opened the window
- to enter through the window
+ looked through the window
+ to let him down by a rope through the window
- rode my bicycle past your window
+ gorgeous colored windows
+ to open windows
+ stained-glass windows
+ beautiful stained-glass windows
+ to hang from the windows
+ goods in the windows
+ on the windowsill
+ soft winds
- strong winds
- violent winds
- whistling winds
- wild winds
+ aged wine
+ food and wine
+ to buy wine
+ to eat hot food and drink cool wine
+ to drink wine
+ foaming wine
+ French wine
+ to abstain from wine
- loves wine
+ to drink no wine
+ a bottle of wine
+ to buy me a bottle of wine
+ wakes from the stupor of wine
+ pouring out wine
+ red wine
+ red, red wine
+ sparkling wine
+ to drink the wine
+ to pour the wine
+ to taste the wine
+ vintage wine
+ white wine
+ tasty wines
+ tucked her head under her wing
+ to fly like a bird on the wing
+ flapping wings
+ fluttering her wings
+ gathers her chicks under her wings
+ spreads its wings
+ to spread their wings
+ as quick as a wink
+ as quickly as a wink
+ gave me a wink
+ a big winner
- shows no clear winner
- ends with no clear winner
+ to turn losses into wins
+ preparing perennials for winter
+ in winter
+ to shed their leaves in the winter
+ chicken wire
+ a spool of wire
+ gained a lot of experience and wisdom
+ challenged the prevailing wisdom
+ to be wise
- not considered wise
+ to grow wise
+ older and wiser
- older but no wiser
+ to grant a wish
+ to make a wish
+ made her wish
- not quite as comfortable as one might wish
+ to express the wish
+ if you wish
+ to ask whatever you wish
+ showered her with compliments and good wishes
- going against my wishes
+ free to marry anyone she wishes
+ to fall in with their wishes
+ to satisfy all your wishes
- wicked witchcraft
+ to begin with
+ to think out any knotty problem he meets with
+ dried up and withered
- the grass withers
+ to apply within
+ to feel a joy within
+ locked her securely within
+ to seek increase in pay after six years without
- a false witness
+ to call the first witness
+ to call the next witness
- wanted for intimidation of witness
- to put to death on the testimony of only one witness
+ to cross-examine the witness
+ a truthful witness
+ to call heaven and earth as witnesses
+ to put to death on the testimony of two or three witnesses
- lost his wits
- out of his wits
- takes many wives
+ forgets his woe
- full of woe
+ to remedy my woes
+ forgetting about your worries and your woes
- as hungry as a wolf
- a lone wolf
- a ravenous wolf
- the howl of the wolf
- ferocious wolves
- a pack of howling wolves
- a pack of wolves
+ a man and a woman
- wearing men's clothing by a woman
- to entice a woman
- lying with a man as one lies with a woman
+ fell in love with a woman
- hobbling along like an aged woman
+ just made for a man and woman
- a divorced woman
+ married a foreign woman
+ a grown woman
+ a kindhearted woman
+ a married woman
- guilty in wrongful arrest of First Nations woman
- an obstinate old woman
+ a pregnant woman
- jailed for raping sleeping woman
+ a strong woman
+ an unmarried woman
+ a virtuous woman
+ a wealthy woman
+ a white woman
- a wicked woman
+ a wise woman
+ a young woman
- the barren womb
+ twin boys in her womb
+ leaped in her womb
+ pleads guilty of assaulting women
+ fond of women
- to spend your strength on women
- to rip open their pregnant women
+ I wonder
+ looked at one another in wonder
+ stared in wonder
- lost its wonder
+ no wonder
+ full of wonder
+ filled with wonder
+ overwhelmed with wonder
+ saw with wonder
+ to feel wonderful
+ to look wonderful
+ natural wonders
+ to see wonders
+ to work wonders
+ exploring world's wonders
+ made of wood
+ in woods
- lost in the woods
- found themselves in the thick of the woods
+ spreads the snow like wool
+ white like wool
+ to clip the wool
- didn't answer a word
+ not a tear, not a word
- to omit a word
+ don't say a word
- without saying a word
- without a word
- left without a word
+ without another word
+ keeps his word
+ to send me word
+ on my word
+ to take my word
- ignored the word
+ remembered the word
+ to spread the word
+ to listen to the word
- trembled at your word
+ to put my hope in your word
+ to trust in your word
+ according to your word
+ big words
- empty words
- speaks empty words
- don't remember his exact words
+ to give you the exact words
+ told in a few words
+ searching for words
+ gentle words
- harsh words
- speaking idle words
+ to put down in words
+ expressed herself more in gestures than in words
+ last words
+ to pronounce the magic words
- multiplies words
+ to mark my words
- to twist my words
- obscene words
+ in other words
+ in their own words
+ pleasant words
- reckless words
+ heard the words
+ keeps the words
+ reads the words
- twists the words
+ to work and work and work
+ at work
- extra work
+ returned home from work
- hard work
+ to take hard work
+ rested from all his work
+ enjoys his work
+ finds satisfaction in his work
+ took delight in all my work
- takes a lot of work
+ to test the quality of work
+ to require quick work
+ to carry out all the work
+ supervised all the work
+ finished the work
+ to inspect the work
+ to have a good return of their work
+ back to work
+ to get to work
+ heading out to work
- to refuse to work
+ to set to work
- supposed to work
- finding it tough to lure back workers
+ to protect foreign workers
+ no cuts to front-line workers
- tipping the scales in favor of workers
- an aging workforce
- not working
- to stop working
+ to study its inner workings
- to mourn workmate
+ justified by works
+ expressed their discontent in literary and historical works
+ supervised public works
+ to commend your works
+ ready to conquer world
+ a different world
+ in the entire world
+ in the white man's world
+ finding meaning in a meaningless world
- unknown to our world
+ the real world
+ a restless world
+ a small, small world
+ touched the hearts of people around the world
+ having a substantial impact on millions of people around the world
+ placing sensitive earthquake monitoring systems around the world
+ to enter the world
+ to live in the world
- the end of the world
+ to chronicle the history of the world
- to know little of the world
- the refuse of the world
- no better than the rest of the world
- turned my back on the world
+ to promote the well-being of mankind through out the world
+ all over the world
+ to have been travelers all over the world
+ to roam the world
+ rocked the world
+ to search the world
+ to see the world
+ surprised the world
+ to tell the world
+ lights up the world
+ the whole world
+ in the wide, wide world
+ a wonderful world
+ the best of both worlds
- to live in two different worlds
- a book worm
- to feel a little worried
+ no worries
+ to forget your worries
- the biggest worry
+ no cause to worry
- grew worse and worse
- at worse
- to look worse
- only makes the matter worse
+ for better or worse
- at worst
+ to plan for the worst
- worst of the worst
- became worthless
- not worthwhile
+ still worthwhile
+ bandaged the wound
+ to dress the wound
+ washed the wound
- badly wounded
- to suffer gunshot wounds
- reopened old wounds
- stab wounds
+ turns away wrath
- to increase your wrath
+ a beautiful wreath
+ seeking valuables amid the wreckage
+ arm wrestlers
- you wretch
- miserable and wretched
+ tied it on his wrist
+ to read and write
- cannot read or write
+ to put down in writing
+ to go beyond what is written
- all wrong
- to turn out to be all wrong
+ to distinguish between right and wrong
- to do wrong
+ to punish those who do wrong
- to follow the crowd in doing wrong
+ to stop doing wrong
+ far from wrong
+ can't go wrong
- could go wrong
+ can't possibly go wrong
- to guess wrong
+ makes full restitution for his wrong
+ to reject what is wrong
- got it wrong
- to do me wrong
+ to do no wrong
+ did nothing wrong
+ done nothing wrong
+ to find nothing wrong
- so often wrong
- proven wrong
- knowing it's so wrong
- knew that there was something wrong
- went terribly wrong
- in the wrong
+ to reject the wrong
- to tolerate wrong
+ to prove short traders wrong
- involved in the unintentional wrong
+ knew what he did was wrong
+ to clear him of wrongdoing
- guessed wrongly
- advised me wrongly
+ righted wrongs