+ to sail my yacht
+ yin and yang
- stretching and yawning
+ to stop yawning
- haven't seen you in many a year
+ over a year
+ year after year
+ since the beginning of the calendar year
+ to make resolutions for the coming year
+ to add an extra day every fourth year
+ a full year
+ a very good year
+ a great year
+ a really great year
+ last year
+ known for many a long year
+ to move toward a bright new year
+ to celebrate new year
+ a happy New Year
+ commemorating the new year
+ next year
+ to lay just one egg every other year
+ year over year
+/- a pivoted year
+ during the school year
- a slower year
+ the car of the year
+ by end of the year
+ at the end of the year
+ at the turn of the year
+ from year to year
+ day upon day, year upon year
+ warranted for five years
+ over the following years
+ for years
- have been a bother to me for years
- advanced in years
- old in years
+ young in years
- lean years
+ feels like years
- held them in bondage for many years
+ to live for many years
+ retained its popularity for many years
+ to prolong your life many years
+ full of years
+ in recent years
- never keep track of the years
+ through the years
+ altered through the years
- sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 25 years
+ red and yellow
+ a candy cane striped with red and yellow
+ oh yes
+ to laugh at yesterday
+ seems like yesterday
+ as if it had been only yesterday
+ to take me back to yesterday
- half asleep yet
+ not dead yet
- not done yet
- might not be finished yet
+ isn't out just yet
- not yet
- not sixteen yet
- not quite there yet
+ never abandon you
+ will not fail you or abandon you
+ to tell my mama about you
- worried about you
+ to adorn you
+ after you
- secretly slipped in among you
+ made for me and you
+ never find another you
+ to stand around you
+ not as mad as you
+ never love no one but you
+ to love nobody but you
+ wondering should I call you
+ to hold you and caress you
+ to forgive me for the annoyance I have caused you
+ to sing you a song to comfort you
+ to congratulate you
+ for you
+ to think what's best for you
+ cried and cried for you
+ just for you
+ to long for you
+ right for you
+ sorry for you
+ awfully sorry for you
+ to suffer for you
+ waiting for you
+ to weep for you
+ worked wonders for you
+ worked for you
+ yearns for you
+ do forgive you
+ ran away from you
+ to keep nothing back from you
+ waiting to hear from you
+ send him to get you
- out to get you
+ glad to have you
+ to long to hear you
+ to find comfort in you
- jealous you
+ kissing you
- wondering who is kissing you
- don't know you
- going to leave you
+ to hate to leave you
- wants to leave you
- fell such deep sorrow at the thought of leaving you
+ to oblige her to liberate you
+ looks a lot like you
- losing you
- afraid of losing you
- can't get over losing you
+ to know I love you
+ really love you
+ to love you
+ and she loves you
+ loving you
+ to spend my whole life loving you
+ nice to meet you
+ to mind you
+ missing you
+ longs to be near you
- do not need you
+ a new you
+ all of you
- takes advantage of you
- to beg of you
- making fun of you
+ very kind of you
+ to bring wonderful memories of you
+ living with the memory of you
+ a part of you
+ thinking of you
+ to count on you
+ to try it on you
- shame on you
+ my one and only you
+ to love only you
+ to dispel the melancholy that oppresses you
+ to cry over you
+ just to please you
+ only just beginning to see the real you
+ glad to see you
+ also glad to see you
- wants to sue you
+ only teasing you
- to have nothing more to tell you
+ to love none better than you
+ goodbye and thank you
+ tried awful hard to find the way back to you
+ wrote back to you
+ longing to belong to you
+ happy birthday to you
+ faithful to you
+ good health to you
- shall not be of much help to you
+ coming home to you
+ long life to you
- to refuse to listen to you
+ to send all my loving to you
+ goodbye and good luck to you
+ married to you
+ lying next to you
+ to return to you
+ the same to you
+ to do the same to you
+ to pay attention and listen to what I have to say to you
+ success to you
+ talking to you
+ to introduce them to you
+ a toast to you
+ up to you
+ trying to catch up to you
- woe to you
- said an unkind word to you
+ to write to you
+ if I were you
+ quite agree with you
+ to agree with you
+ away with you
+ counting the days till I'll be with you
+ to want to be with you
+ sent me here to confer with you
+ may good luck go with you
+ in love with you
+ fell in love with you
+ truly in love with you
+ only with you
+ to remain with you
+ to spend some time with you
+ to hope to spend some time with you
- thought she was with you
+/- without you
+ can't live without you
- dies young
+ forever young
+ to keep them forever young
+ feeding its young
+ married young
+ relatively young
- died so young
+ some old, some young
+ to stay young
+ fed their young
+ starting them young
+/- when I was young
+ to ask yourself
+ to be yourself
+ to behave yourself
+ to stop apologizing for being yourself
+ to control yourself
+ do control yourself
- deceiving yourself
+ to enjoy yourself
+ to decide for yourself
+ to see for yourself
+ to help yourself
+ to find it yourself
+ to know yourself
+ to take an oath to obligate yourself
- ought to be ashamed of yourself
+ to take good care of yourself
+ to wash and perfume yourself
+ to protect yourself
+ to prove yourself
+ to rest yourself
+ to keep it to yourself
+ to trust yourself
+ tackles spike in vaping among youth
+ gives aid to homeless and at-risk youth
- lost her youth
- to die in their youth
+ in the days of your youth